Dear Manny Pacquiao,

Peace and well being!

I get that you’re  an idiot. You have ambitions beyond professional boxing and basketball, that’s commendable. But you are an ill-advised idiot.

“Same-sex marriage” or any type of union that aspires to achieving legal and social protection is not up for anyone else to initiate a sloganeering campaign, like “No to’s…” Maybe, that’s not something you actively campaign for…yourself. But you absolutely have no right to come between a pair who demand that such universal right be recognized regardless of birth given or identified gender. You are an idiot.

Don’t use a book or a belief, personal or organizational, or any moral measure to discriminate against others. Not everyone shares the same religious beliefs. Personally, I would feel very violated as I don’t subscribe to any religion, as much as I don’t believe in supernatural or mythical deities. But here’s one thing, I respect people who do, and I take it upon myself not to offend anyone who are religious, or anyone seeking comfort and refuge by subscribing to theistic positions. Am I an idiot too if I demand the same fairness and respect from you?

The current laws in the Philippines do not even allow contractually binding civil unions, fact. But such currency, and arguably old-fashioned status quo does not reflect the changing attitude towards the nuclear definition of equality, and I strongly believe it violates people of their inherent rights, which in turn makes them more susceptible to every form of discrimination imaginable. It is in my opinion that there is an immediacy to open the topic for discussion, and to challenge the current norms. But since you are an idiot, Mr. Pacquiao, you woudn’t understand.

Please, you don’t tell me what I should think, and say, and desire. I make my own living and still respect the limitation of protection afforded to me under a 30 year old Constitution. I don’t want to be insulted by an idiot.


Pop Culture Diva