This may have come too late to even pose as an analysis of sort, but what could possibly be said more about the supercouple phenomenon that is AlDub other than trying to jump on to the wagon and to dissect one dig much deeper to the resounding success created by this soap opera parody that is not much more than an airtime filler and too diminutive to qualify as a scripted drama. It’s somewhat a borderline trivial TV segment that became mercurially more popular than the mother program, which in itself an enduring pop culture phenomenon, that embracing it as the biggest chunk of a smorgasbord of entertainment buffet becomes an obligation to giving in to what baits the mass market fixation.

It is not a mystery at all why Aldub and the Kalyeserye portion became a hit given the penchant of the Filipinos to obsessing over romantic-comedy melodramas, singing along to pop music nostalgia, rooting for the underdogs, and self-deprecating guilty pleasures like they are equivalent to a religious offering. Other than occasioning pink-tickled dreaminess through the innocuous employ of split-screen ala Rock Hudson and Doris Day in Pillow Talk and performing a duet ala Sheryl Cruz and Romnick Sarmenta, albeit lip-synching – what has been really phenomenal about this duo that sparked global interests  (if Twitter trends are to be the gauging proof, or the countless multimedia endorsement deals, and a financially successful movie tie-in)? What solid and tangible trades in this pop culture hegemony are really at play in the grand barter of things?

At least in the time of Guy and Pip (Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III), their producers were really keen on making them a real-life couple, which in fact happened very briefly. Their films, TV appearances, music records, and public outings had been exceedingly regarded with real talents in full display. All considering, the limited reach of the trimedia at that time, the Guy and Pip supercoupling efforts had translated to the same amount of eco-cultural profits that AlDub has been enjoying at present, well, almost. Even for quite extent “loveteams” had become a sure-hit formula in the business of filmmaking in the Philippines with the creation of She-Nicko (Cruz and Sarmenta), Janno-Mane (Janno Gibbs and Manilyn Reynes), and right up to the controversial Claudine-Rico (Barretto and the deceased Rico Yan). Maybe because the internet has the super power to collate public opinions in real-time. In this time and age, info-TV now seemingly comes in second, and while they are on their toes, they would even collect information from whatever topic is much-discussed in the social media. The future is now. Less-roving. No more time-consuming going after the physical-world of sources.

Meanwhile, in the competing film and TV Network, there is the welcoming existence and unquestionably just as successful pairing of JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) and the much precedent KathNiel (Kahtryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla). Judging by the strings of successful film and TV projects of these two pairs, they are at least to remain more than what is actually projected by the critics for AlDub. Is the AlDub Phenomenon not more than a Macarena Effect? Is it just a public hysteria that may soon fizzle after a year or so? One thing is for sure though, AlDub will be forever etched in the shrine of pop culture memories. Just like the mentioned silly but extremely addictive dance craze in the 1990s.

Alden Richards is an underrated actor.  We first noticed his range in Yam Laranas’ The Road (2011). On top of that, he is an accomplished singer and dancer. And without a doubt, Richards has the movie star appeal that only needs to be pushed further given the heft of his talents.  On the other hand, Maine Mendoza is seemingly a bombastic kind of comedienne who can easily be mounted with more original materials – in which she could easily bank on her instant superstardom. She’s cute but she does not possess the inherent movie queen appeal, and yet this superficial quality is nevertheless an important element in the visual business. The solid fact remains that even plain-faced Judy Ann Santos was able to hurdle successfully by the immensity of her talent and mass appeal . Whether the AlDub or the KalyeSerye portion becomes not more than what little time and material it can stretch so far, Richards and Mendoza can now maximize their fames with really good servings of talents as believed they can offer on a much bigger and enduring table.

(Photo Credits to AlDub The Most Updated Page)