What constitutes “sexy” in its superlative form? How can anyone possibly measure and rank something that is tenuously subjective, and pose a certain amount of generalities? The male form has always been the subject of renaissance artists. There is a conventional image of a man brimming with perfectly stemmed virility in great doses of sex and erotica in popular culture. It is way to easy for a super male model to top any given list, and hundreds of them can make the cut by just visually stimulating the observer with washboard abs, love handles, and sculpted chests – but does a particular macho exude sexiness by mere becoming a body model? tumblr_n6t7al6ryp1qclxnmo1_500

Perhaps, it’s the mystery that the so called sexy man reflects inside and out that attracts devotion. It is what he does, what he thinks, and what he represents that a man becomes immeasurable and a cut above the rest of the male species.

20. Zac Efron


Efron has come a long way since High School Musical. But his sexiness still exudes childlike innocence and playful self-awareness

19. Jamie Dornan 


Dornan carved a name for himself in the supermodelling world, but he has further proven that he is more than just a pretty face. From playing a serial killer with feminist ideals in BBC’s The Fall, he catapulted to sex stardom playing the sub-iconic filmization of Christian Grey BDSM novels.

18. James Wolk 


After a heartbreaking cancellation of The Crazy Ones and the death of its main star, Robin Williams, Wolk emerges again as he scores a leading role in CBS’ Zoo playing a zoologist named Jackson Oz.

17. Shane Burnell


Burnell is a tattoo model who decides to make his beautiful face and body a moving canvas.

16. Tom Hardy


Hardy is such a superstar that his every gaze, every move, and every premiere he attends to is a sexy feast – he also brings his dog on the red carpet every time he comes around charming a producer with his earthly appeal.

  1. Andrew Keenan Bolger


Broadway prince Keenan Bolger is a major superstar in the field of multimedia entertainment. Exuding boyish charms, he intersects his megawatt allure while reminding us that gay men always rate topnotch in both looks and talents department.

  1. Steve Grand


The epitome of an All American Guy, Grand successfully crossovers to mainstream music, and equally as proud of his sexuality and highly commendable underwear modelling past.

  1. Franco Noriega


Peruvian Noriega is not just one of the most beautiful men on earth in covers and in flesh, he is also one of the most enterprising fashion person in New York. He has a clothing label under his name, and he makes his own jewelry.

  1. The Game


The Game is a monster threat in hip hop music and the underwear industry. He is also a doting father who posts about his children as often as he post anything about his music, lifestyle, and yes –  the game!

  1. This Barber CKhbqLEUwAAKUkx10. This Vendor20150712-jordanyeo9. Lenny Kravitz


The Swedish gig and the wardrobe malfunction he pulled off is both a misfortune and a blessing from the skies for those who have for long imagined what kind of religion he believes in. Kravitz is one of the greatest human forms that made us colorblind

  1. Dane DeHaan

dane-dehaan-james-dean-lifeIn 2015, DeHaan channels the iconic brood and rebellious persona of James Dean in Anton Corbijn’s Life. What’s most fascinating is his performance, although seemingly off the awards radar, captures and transcends Dean’s enigmatic sensuality beyond the canvasses of reality and cinema.

  1. John Boyega


Boyega shuts down racism in both his work in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and in the pressers as he addresses controversies surrounding casting choices with great aplomb.

  1. Rami Malek


Starring in one of 2015’s best television series, Mr Robot, Malek – an Egyptian-American actor, successfully infused complexities and magnetism in his career-defining role as an anti-establishment roguish postmodern hero.

  1. Jaime Camil


Perhaps, currently the funniest man on television among actors over 40. He thrives in DILF realness while portraying every actor’s attempt to micromanage their own stardom in a world decided by likes, shares, and virals.

  1. Alireza Bayram


Bayram portrayed the role of a reluctant extremist who becomes a defining hero in Showtime’s Homeland. He is a Swiss-Iranian actor who juggles acting gigs both in the US and Switzerland.

  1. John Stamos


Stamos enjoys Twitter and Instagram with little to few reservations, and he knows that his return to form in the television role that once made him a star requires a lot of attention. The Fuller House comeback king proudly poses with his full buns.

  1. Vince Rodriguez IIIvincer

Filipino-American Rodriguez III is a multifaceted entertainment threat: he acts, he sings, he dances, and he charms beyond racial diversities. He is a Broadway star, a TV star, and unofficially, the sexiest man in the planet, if everyone actually truly voted.


Because he has that smile. Because he has that outdoing allure. Because he has an enormous amount of talent.  He singlehandedly brought the Philippine culture into the US mainstream television with CW’s Crazy EX Girlfriend.


1.Walter Savage


With classic beauty and sophisticatedly sculpted body, Savage is not your typical run off the mill male perfection on ramp and on magazines, or Instagram. He has a degree in Forensic Chemistry!


When asked how he spends his modelling paychecks – half of it he gives to his mother!