Yesterday, amidst the controversies and brouhahas; I thought about the seemingly wasted opportunity that Honor Thy Father could have mustered for John Lloyd Cruz had it become as successful as any producer-actor hopes them to be. Touted as one of the best actors of his generation and with a number of commercial films considered financial topnotchers – venturing into producing a master project echoes that of the gallant efforts first hurdled by one Nora Aunor in the 1970s. This would have proven that Cruz, like Aunor, is a superstar in his own right.
Perhaps, the challenges in the period that we are in are not as nuanced and conducive as 45 years ago – and legends making nowadays are next to impossible with the duplicitous economy and the encumbering corruption embedded profoundly into the veins of a damaged culture.
MMFF doesn’t make stars as overnight a success as Melanie Marquez anymore; and it definitely forgotten the last years before the millennium when quality films with serious subject matters actually lorded over RTW studio manufactures. MMDA is no MMFF. It is an organization as futile as its efforts in curbing the hell of urban traffic.
Why obsess about the MMFF? Who wouldn’t? With a full week or two of captured audiences, why wouldn’t filmmakers develop myopia over the great potential of finding, and at the same time, educating a large number of excited film-goers into discovering their appreciation of cinema beyond the dead-ends of profit?