With her red hair, green eyes, peaches and cream complexion, Maureen O’Hara was dubbed the Queen of Technicolor, at a time the transition from black-and-white photography to full color needed a muse to illustrate. She may not have had hundreds of films, but her achievement as an Irish-American Hollywood movie queen could be attributed to many a great things.

  1. She had a great body of work that included award winning films either co-starring with John Wayne or being directed by John Ford
  2. Only the second actress ever to receive an Honorary Academy Award without having been nominated previously for a competitive category
  3. Her first major film was directed by Alfred Hitchcock
  4. One of the first actors to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  5. She was one of the last living actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood
  6. In her 90s, her classical beauty remained a powerful remembrance of her younger years

O’Hara, an actress, a singer, a book author, a film activist, one of the most beautiful women who ever walked the earth, dies in her sleep today. Rest in Peace, Queen Maureen!