“(Homeland, and other returning nominees) all picked up (2015) Emmy nominations for being 25% as good as they once were ”

Louis Virtel, The Snap, Hitfix

Homeland, one of the most enduring drama series on TV, returns October 4 for Season 5 with seemingly new storylines and arcs. This time, the anti-terror spy drama is set and actually shot in the same location: Berlin. Except, Carrie Mathison is now former CIA Bureau Chief. She now works as a private security head. Or, does she?

A little background for those who are not easily spoiled: Homeland is an Israeli TV import about the curious case of a former homeland frontliner who may or may have been turned in by the enemy. In American revisions, Homeland basically follows the emotional, patriotic, and professional struggles of individuals working for the CIA as they expose and eliminate the enemies of “world peace” while focusing on a bipolar-challenged female operative/analyst who has  spent every waking hour resolving her personal issues against her high-end spy skills, mostly fueled by her sharp witted but obsessively dramatic analysis and intuitions that sometimes require unconventional methods through her own initiatives.